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Ramtin Sadighim is a personal injury attorney. Before we continue with the case study, let me give you a brief introduction about the personal injury attorney. The personal injury attorney in Ramtin Sadighim specializes in cases of personal injury and he has specialized knowledge in the area of personal injury claims. In the area of personal injury claims, he has specialized expertise in various areas like medical malpractice, auto accidents, slip and fall, dog bites, sexual abuse, and even death on the job. This lawyer has expert knowledge and years of practice in all of these areas and he has the experience to fight successfully for the people. Personal Injury Lawyer Ramtin Sadighim have specialization in their area of specialization and they can easily handle different types of cases at a fair trial.

Now let's move into the case study. The first claim that we will study here is about a personal injury case filed by Saidah Ahmed. According to her statement, she was working formats the agency when her supervisor asked her to go home late at night. She was not allowed to go and she felt scared and uncomfortable so she went home. When she was going to return home, her supervisor called her at midnight and told her to come immediately to the office.

After being kept in the office for three days, she was not able to return to work. Later, her family members tried to file a case against her but said they were unable to get any evidence against her. Later, her case was transferred to Ramtin Sadighim. Saidah was showing signs of mental stress and was unstable mentally. So, the personal injury attorney took the case to Ramintin Sadighi who is an expert in the field of personal injury claims.

Sadighim immediately took the case to the district court and filed a complaint against Saidah asking her to return to work. Saidah denied all charges stating that she had no contact with the client. The court however was not convinced by her testimony and ordered the authorities to take Saidah to a hospital to treat her for mental stress. She was treated and returned to work but later faced the same problem again. In this case, it was the expert personal injury attorney Ramtin Sadighim who took the case to the court.

In the next case, Saidah was involved in a road accident. According to her account, the vehicle in front of her crashed into her vehicle. As she continued to work, she felt pain and discomfort and also suffered a heart attack. The case was filed against the driver of the other car based on negligence. The compensation claim that she filed was for medical expenses and lost wages and there were no claims filed for the damages to her vehicle. You can click here on this site for more info.  

Ramtin Sadighim has represented a large number of victims who sustained injuries at the hands of another person. He has assisted clients in receiving fair compensation settlements from corporate clients, government agencies, and insurance companies. Personal injury attorneys in Ramtin Sadighim are well versed with the laws of the country and also know how to deal with insurance companies. Most of the personal injury attorney Ramtin Sadighim's cases have been won by his clients. The experience and expertise of a personal injury attorney in Ramtin Sadighim guarantee that your legal case will be handled with great professionalism. To get a detailed overview of this topic, see here: